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Brief Report on Strategy and Roadmap of Nephio Technical Summit 2022

Coredge Marketing

July 13, 2022

Last month on June 22nd and 23rd, the very first in-person Nephio Technical Summit was hosted in the Bay Area at the Google Cloud facilities. The key members of Linux Community along with telco cloud leading operators and vendors were part of it. Coredge was also part of this summit as we recently become a contributing member.

The summit started with a session on the Nephio and, the industry leaders shared their thoughts. The summit was planned with agenda for two days. The first day was about overview and deep-dive sessions focusing on building blocks of Nephio project. The second day of the event started with a panel discussion where panelists shared their insights. A major part of the day was dedicated to Q & A sessions where attendees got the opportunity to solve their queries.

Day 1- Take a deep dive with:

Arpit Joshipura who is GM/SVP of Linux Foundation Initiated the summit by presenting why Nephio was founded and what is its mission to drive the whole community and bind them as one. He also discussed the project phase and, Interface and SMO Port Portion.

Gabriele Di Piazza (Sr. Director Telco Product Management, Google Cloud) discussed how Nephio started with only 25 players and, now they have about 55 community members. Gabriele, spoke about the evolution of CSP and highlighted the key aspects, “Network Functions and Cloud Infrastructure” and the challenges towards it.

On the other hand, Kandan Kathirvel (Group Product Manager, Google Cloud TSC Chair, Nephio) put emphasis on the multiple telco challenges to the evolution of cloud-native, particularly the deployment of 5G and minimizing its operating costs. He also highlighted that Kubernetes is not enhanced enough to support Network Function automation and configuration management.

Kandan also discussed the scope of innovation and goals of this summit where Nephio will leverage open-source projects that already exist and develop on top of them rather than trying to recreate the wheel. A package injection module to be developed on top of a maintained packager that Google has already made open-source.

Kandan expressed that Nephio aims to “Simplify the deployment and management of multi-vendor cloud infrastructure and network services across large-scale edge deployments”.

Nephio High-Level Architecture

Amol Phadke (Managing Director at Google) spoke about why Nephio has an open-source platform? What does Google bring to the table? He also discussed how Google cloud can help CSP transform and how to monetize the infrastructure with agility and time.

Bikash Koley (Vice President and Head, Google Global Networking; Head, Technology and Strategy, Google Cloud for Telecommunications) shared the journey of Google Global Network towards a cloud-native intent-driven and autonomous network and the challenges of infrastructure scaling with the growth of Google’s global network by providing uniform capability and uniform quality of experience to the end-users.

Day 2 – Executive Panel

Mr. Prabhjot Singh Sethi -VP- Engineering Coredge participated in the Executive Panel – Startups – How would you use and contribute to Nephio? He discussed the Cloud Native Automation strategy, roadmap, and operational elements in the context of telecommunications and shared his views below: 


He quoted. “For us, automation is not just about reducing the human intervention. But to enable capabilities that otherwise wouldn’t have been easy to achieve. As each site uses Kubernetes as a standardized automation control plane to set up every component of the distributed cloud and network services. Our solution already makes use of a framework equivalent to Kubernetes’ declarative, actively-reconciled approach and machine-manipulable configuration to manage the complexity of the configurations and operations over a distributed edge cloud infrastructure.”

Prabhjot also spoke on achieving technological goals for edge use-cases, which are impossible without automation. 5G is the perfect use case that requires edge deployments and can leverage some of the cloud-native technologies to deliver a simplified solution. This in general allows Coredge to close the gap for the usage of cloud-native technologies at the edge, paired together with the automation in place enabling much-required dynamicity providing better resource management and utilization at the edge.

Coredge offers Nephio-compliant solutions and our products are:

1- Following intent Intent-based event-driven mechanism of continuous reconciliation.

2- Infrastructure management

3- Network functions roll out

4- Day 2 operations


Cloud-native automation built on Kubernetes facilitates multi-vendor integration with cloud providers, enables Network Function onboarding to the cloud, and enhances the overall customer experience through simple and efficient integrated cloud-native automation.

Coredge team is excited and looking forward to contributing expertise to the Nephio project with the learnings from modern cloud technology implementations.

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