A robust, cost-effective platform that delivers

Intent-based, event-triggered automation

Simplified application and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Multi-cloud infrastructure management

Total governance and observability

Achieve automation for distributed Kubernetes clusters, attain better observability and governance, remove complexities, enjoy better security, and cut your infrastructure costs drastically.



Cluster certification and testing

Certify clusters before rolling out, and prevent security and performance issues.

Cluster lifecycle management

Roll out upgrades, manage 100s of cluster life cycles, and add or drop nodes.

Disaster recovery and migration

Enable backups for clusters and ensure easy workload restoration post failures.

Central policy management and governance

Set up your own governance policies and ensure compliance in Kubernetes clusters.

Centralized Ingress

Protect your internal systems from unverified traffic from external, public networks.


Collect insights and comprehensively track all Kubernetes clusters from a single UI.

Intent driven orchestration

Define the desired state before rollout, bring efficiency, and prevent policy overlapping.

Application lifecycle management

Manage requirements, channelise architectures, and schedule deployments for high availability.

Service mesh

Make service-to-service communication simpler by dedicating infrastructure resources.

Security enablement

Allocate granular, role-based access through RBAC and IAM with SSO, and keep systems protected.

Service function chaining

Derive the true benefit of virtualized software infrastructure by connecting service functions.


Secure all access and streamline identity management with permissions in advance.

Multi domain networking

Enjoy efficient communications and networking across containers within distributed clusters.


Get a secured, unified authentication access across different clusters and systems for user convenience.

Service Assurance

Avail the always-on, reliable service with superior performance and standardized guidelines.

Multi-Cluster / Multi-Region High Availability

Get access to monitoring and observability tools for multi-cluster, multi-region high availability.

Event Based – Intent driven automation

Select events and intent to define triggers of configuration for correctly directed automation.


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