Our CloudCompass platform manages the cloud infrastructure complexity through automation and unification of the OSS, security and orchestration, provides data governance and end-to-end performance monitoring using our Guardian product that is built in the platform.

CloudCompass is a cutting-edge unified Kubernetes & OpenStack management platform for distributed clouds. Its unique management plane enables central operations and automation for distributed Kubernetes clusters, eliminating complexity and reducing costs. CloudCompass manages containers, VMs, and bare metal on any customer infrastructure at any location at large scale.

CloudCompass provides a public cloud experience on any infrastructure to the data center to the edge removing infrastructure and operations complexity and providing one unified cloud experience for complete application and DevOps portability, a single control plane, and automated full-stack lifecycle management with continuous updates.

Additionally, CloudCompass specialises in architecture, engineering, delivery, management, and maintenance of cloud services to a wide range of service providers, data centers, government, telcos and enterprise customers. We are the perfect partner to support your business.

Capabilities: CloudCompass provides Multi-site orchestration/distribution cloud orchestration for OpenStack & Kubernetes based cloud environments. It provide features like

  • Cloud Lifecycle Management
  • Security, Access Management and Logging System
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Native Cloud Capabilities
  • BOT Delivery Principle
  • Pushing Cloud Compliance and Standards across distributed Cloud
  • UI Customization