Coredge Health ID 

National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) is the Indian government initiative to digitize the medical records of individuals under one identification number and provide strict access control to it. National Health Authority is working to facilitate the integration of Digital health IDs with various labs, pharmacies, wellness centers, insurance companies, state governments, regulators, etc. 

We provide the required support and solutions to organizations/businesses like Hospitals, Labs etc. in form of software systems and modern IT infrastructure to quickly get started with it.  

We act as a technology partner that will provide 

  • NDHM compliant software and long-term record storage of Personal Health Records (PHR), Electronic medical records (EMR).  
  • Integration with NDHM Consent Manager Registry  
  • Issue Health IDs and PHR Addresses: create and verify health IDs, create customised PHR addresses (like @yourHospital)  
  • Implement a Health Information Provider (HIP) Service: Respond to consented data requests with data in FHIR format  
  • Implement a HIU Service: To display medical history with consent  
  • Health ID mobile application and a complete backend (PHR and EMR) solution need to build from scratch.

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