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Coredge Joins Nephio for Innovation in Telco Cloud-Native Automation

Sagar Nangare

June 17, 2022

Coredge Joins Nephio for Innovation in Telco Cloud-Native Automation

Coredge is excited to collaborate with Nephio to enable and simplify cloud-native automation of telecommunications network functions. April 12, 2022, the Linux Foundation and Google Cloud have launched Nephio, a cloud-native automation open-source project for telecom network functions that enables and simplifies cloud-native automation. Nephio is a Kubernetes-based platform that automates network functions and the infrastructure that underlies them. It gives users the ability to express high-level intent and offers intelligent, declarative automation that can set up the cloud and edge infrastructure, render initial configurations for the network functions, and then deliver those configurations to the appropriate clusters to get the network running. 

Nephio makes use of innovative techniques that can handle the complexity of provisioning and maintaining a multi-vendor, multi-site deployment of interconnected network services over distributed on-demand cloud infrastructure. 

The Linux Foundation is the organization of choice for the world’s topmost developers and enterprises looking to create an ecosystem that accelerates open technology development and commercial adoption. Coredge aspires to offer solutions to this initiative. Through this partnership, we have joined forces with Nephio to accomplish the goal of innovating and offering end-to-end service orchestration and cloud infrastructure to enterprises. 

Coredge: Accelerating the Edge Computing Movement, offering solutions on cloud and edge platforms to solve the orchestration and management needs of modern cloud-native applications. Ensuring that they will actively contribute and provide efficient and on-demand use of cloud and edge resources 

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