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Coredge participating in the NASSCOM Tech Innovation Conclave to accelerate technology innovations

Coredge Marketing

July 04, 2022

NASSCOM tech innovation conclave

We are glad to announce that we are participating in the NASSCOM Tech Innovation Conclave on 20th July, 9AM at Hyatt Regency, Pune. Join us in the event as we decode and share insightful information on the impact of tech innovations on businesses. 

NASSCOM is hosting one of the biggest game-changer events on technology in its upcoming event Nasscom Tech Innovation Conclave (NTIC). NASSCOM, a non-profit business organization, founded in 1988, has been consistently working to support the IT-BPM industry. 

Through policy advocacy and assistance in establishing the industry’s strategic direction, NASSCOM is concentrated on creating the infrastructure necessary for the development of the IT-BPM sector, allowing it to reach its full potential and rule over emerging frontiers. It aims to support the technology products and services industry in India to be reliable and innovative across the globe. 

Join Coredge at NASSCOM to meet our experts and gain insightful information on the impact of tech innovations on businesses: 

Coredge offers solutions on cloud and edge platforms to solve the orchestration and management needs of modern cloud-native applications. 


CloudCompass solution helps in to build and grow faster with distributed infrastructure. 

  • Intent-based Event-triggered Automation/Orchestration  
  • Simplified application and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management 
  • Multi-Cloud Infrastructure management  
  • Governance and Observability across distributed environments

Cirrus Cloud Platform

Benefit from a resilient, cost-effective private cloud. 

  • Manage and orchestrate multiple OpenStack stacklets.  
  • Unified Cloud management portal for multiple stacklets.  
  • Run scalable cloud  
  • Manage multiple data centers/Manage existing hardware 

Want to know more about our products and services? Connect with us to know more about CloudCompass and Cirrus Cloud Platform to help your business grow. 

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