Glad to announce that Coredge is the silver sponsor for the 6th edition of the 5G India 2022 Hybrid Conference & Exhibition and Mr. Arif Khan, our CEO, is one of the speakers at the event scheduled for September 7th and 8th, 2022, at Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi.

The event focuses on how telcos may utilize 5G for cross-industry applications and digital transformation, as well as how operators can manage the expense of unchecked traffic growth and take advantage of chances to produce a return on their 5G infrastructure investments.  

The 5G India 2022 Hybrid Conference & Exhibition’s main goal is to raise public awareness of the capabilities and advantages of 5G across all industries, including telemedicine, remote surgery, agriculture, education, Industry 4.0, smart cities, augmented reality, autonomous driving, and others, to attain the Government of India’s vision and mission for a “Digital India.”  

Coredge provides services and solutions on cloud and edge platforms to solve modern cloud-native applications’ orchestration and management needs.  

Coredge CloudCompass solution is a cutting-edge distributed cloud management software that unifies Kubernetes and OpenStack. Its unique management plane enables remote Kubernetes clusters to have centralized operations and automation, minimizing complexity and expenses. CloudCompass helps with the orchestration, lifecycle, and Day 2 management of cloud-native workloads and VMs (Virtual Machines) in any cloud infrastructure that leverages Kubernetes or OpenStack.  

CloudCompass will help orchestrate and life cycle management of K8s along with the applications deployed within Cloud Native Network Functions and Virtualized Network Functions  

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