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Date and Venue: 16th June 2022, Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi. 

Open RAN (Radio Access Network) is a new shift in mobile network architecture that calls for networks to be built from multiple vendors’ subcomponents. It is a new paradigm in which cellular radio networks are made up of hardware and software components from several vendors and operates through fully ‘Open and Interoperable’ network interfaces.  

Open RAN in India is being considered by Indian telecoms as a potential solution to minimize network-related costs and bring innovation to the RAN market. The open RAN architecture has given Indian software, equipment vendors, and system integrators a chance to break into the fast-growing global 5G market. However, the open RAN market is still in its initial stages in India but there are approximately 35 active open RAN deployments around the world right now.  

Dive in with Open-Ran adoption with Coredge   

Coredge offers solutions on cloud and edge platforms to solve the orchestration and management needs of modern cloud-native applications.

Coredge CloudCompass solution is a cutting-edge distributed cloud management software that unifies Kubernetes and OpenStack. Its distinctive management plane enables remote Kubernetes clusters to have centralized operations and automation, lowering complexity and expenses. CloudCompass helps in orchestration, lifecycle and Day 2 management of cloud-native workloads and VMs in any cloud infrastructure that leverages Kubernetes or OpenStack.

CloudCompass features for RAN  

  • Zero-touch provisioning of applications and K8s clusters  
  • Bare metal for running K8s clusters  
  • Multicluster management and Day 2 operations for K8s clusters across clouds and on-premises virtualized and bare-metal clusters. 
  • Agile DevOps – CICD 
  • Governance across multicluster deployments of features, capabilities, and applications. 
  • GitOps channels for modern operational models in RAN 

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