Guardian platform provides comprehensive end-to-end monitoring and testing to end-user devices, cloud infrastructure components and applications. It helps in tracking and measuring user experience and pushes reports to enhance delivery of services in the digital connected network. It gathers information about user interactions, errors, small bugs and collects user surveys and contextual feedback.


A whitelabelled application and an SDK to analyze and understand the user experience and user sentiment on user mobile devices.


Our platform to manage Kubernetes operation securely


Built by Developers for the Developers

Accelerate your Development and Debugging Workflow!

  • One minute integration
  • Seamless reporting
  • Comprehensive insights

Seamless Integrations into your Workflow

  • Diagnose, Track, Triage and Manage Issues
  • Sync with your Workflow
  • Fill critical gaps into your Development Cycle
  • Quickly forward Actionable insights to the appropriate team

Guardian for Private Deployment


Real time monitoring

Get actionable Insights

  • On-premise data store and collection
  • On-premise visualization dashboard
  • KPI customization based on app requirements
  • Bugs, Errors and Crash reports
  • User Experience and Performance issues
  • Device/OS/Network Data
  • Visualization dashboard providing QOE insights
  • User Feedback and grievances
  • Real-time reporting and Integration

The Most Comprehensive Reporting

  • AI and NLP based User sentiment scoring providing real time contextual feedback
  • Quantify QOE with relative score and easily compare performance across
  • operators, locations, and segments. Customizable dashboard(s) for app specific actionable insights
  • Integrate with APM to correlate performance issues like slow
  • screens/pages/APIs with location/device.