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How UXBench is Helpful in Banking Sector?

Coredge Marketing

November 30, 2021

How UXBench is Helpful in Banking Sector?

Today, 80-85% of customers are using online banking applications for performing banking activities such as fund transfer, balance checking, fixed deposit, and a lot more. Here, arises the need for using a seamless network connection either through mobile data or through any wi-fi connection.  

 The network speed of mobile data or wi-fi connection depends on the location of the user from where he/she is accessing the network and using banking applications. Let’s say, if he is on vacation, then he/she must be at some guest house or hotel, then he might have an option of wifi. Hotel wifis are providing poor bandwidth and if the hotel is outside the city, then he will not get good network accessibility.  

However, there are multiple factors to be considered for measuring user experience including network accessibility, type of handset, type of OS stream installed in the handset, and what other applications are running on the device at a particular time. To solve all these issues and take all these factors into account, you should think about the integration of tool that helps in user experience measurement. As the user experience measurement in the banking sector means building a solution that bridges the gap between financial services and user requirements with banking capabilities! Banks should understand the type of user experience they need for assuring digital interaction with customers at every touchpoint. 

This is why, a holistic methodology helps in allowing integration of banking goals, technological opportunities, and customer’s requirements into excellent digital platforms or software solutions. There are several digital solutions available in the market that helps in measuring the user experience of the banking system and ensuring that the bank will survive in the long-term with regards to customer engagement, seamless service, no server down, and much more. 

UXBench is one such reliable digital platform that helps in user experience measurement of banks and prediction of customer intentions while offline. It helps in customizing the user experience using the customer identification number. In addition, this tool gives a comprehensive banking experience digitally thereby making transactions seamless and enrolling a digital system. 

With UXBench solution, a banking system can overcome various issues, such as: 

  • Late transaction due to the slow speed of the Internet or any network issue. 
  • Slow telecalling system due to improper service accessibility. 
  • Excessive delay in bill payment and cash transfer due to bad service integrity and retainability. 

With the UXBench solution, every member of the banking sector should execute the right goals and give a user-centric methodology to enhance user experience in the system. As, a strong user experience enables small and big financial institutions to offer a simple, intuitive, easy-going digital banking experience. A great user experience also helps banks enhance customer satisfaction and bring in novel customers.   

UXBench solution helps in network performance optimization. When the user is closer to the coverage tower, the network bandwidth will be higher. Suppose the user is 300m away from the tower, here the standard signal strength will be approximately 60% and according to the location of the user, the signal strength will increase or decrease. If the signal strength will degrade, then the connection will be lost and no transaction can be done. If the bank has information about these issues, they can notify customers of the same and thus, help in optimizing network performance too. And, this is how, small and big banks can explore the bigger picture of financial service flow, use cases, as well as an overall background to develop an initial customer journey outline. 

Banking institutions should put their users at the core and use tools that help in all stages of the banking process to make sure the highest uptake of user experience benefits. They must use a tool, such as UXBench to solve user problems and give them the best experience while accessing the services. When banks integrate the UXBench tool in their regular system, it helps in improving the following things- 

  • Access to Network 
  • Availability of network 
  • Access to services 
  • Retention of services 
  • Service integrity 
  • On-time delivery of services 

It’s is the best digital solution that can identify user needs, bank’s business demands, and what is more feasible in terms of technology as well as the latest trends. It helps in transforming the overall needs into manageable working efforts, setting up parameters that can scale up the banking goals. It gives banks the benefits of collaboration of different functions, measuring progress, and addressing individual customer persona. 

Our tech-savvy UX engineers and professionals have developed UXBench for the banking sector to help them solve a user problem. Our UXBench solution is a must-to-integrate tool in banking that helps you in offering seamless services and the best user experience to your customers. 

If you have any doubts or want to know more about our product – UXBench, get in touch with us.