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Impact of 5G on Mobile Experience

Coredge Marketing

September 22, 2021

Impact of 5G on Mobile Experience

You might know that 5G is next-generation technology. The usage of 5G technology marks a remarkable impact on the user’s average download speed on mobile phones, mobile gaming, video experience, and a lot more!

Fast download speed is one of the biggest benefits of using a 5G network. Recently, Open Signal report mentions that FarEasTone is the sole global winner for 5G Download Speed. T-Mobile (U.S.) and STC (Kuwait) are 5G Availability joint global winners. T-Mobile U.S. has nearly 35.7% 5G availability and STC Kuwait has 33.6% 5G availability. In addition, Chunghwa, FarEasTone, and T-Mobile (Netherlands) have the best 5G Video Experience.   

For years, a good user experience on the mobile internet has been majorly defined by download speeds. Nonetheless, the usage patterns and consumption habits change with time, the upload speed is becoming a progressively crucial aspect of the mobile network experience. This is how the 5G network helps mobile users conveniently share large files in the form of email attachments or social media services.                     

The download speed of 5G is 100% faster than 4G technology. All a user need is an active 5G connection. 5G network supports the demand for mobile data and results in decreased upload speed and increased download speed in 5G capable smartphones available in the market. Hence, 5G adoption comes into the picture.

Another big impact of the 5G network is on mobile gaming! 5G games experience tells about how mobile users can experience real-time multiplayer mobile gaming on the 5G network. This measures how the multiplayer mobile games experience affects depending on the mobile network condition on a scale of 0-100. This mobile condition includes packet loss, latency, and jitter for determining the impact on gameplay and overall gaming experience.  

Coming next to mobile gaming, 5G video experience in the year 2021 and beyond. 5G video experience is consistent in today’s mobile industry. You should know that all 5G global winners and 5G global leaders reported an excellent rating of 75 or above 5G video experience.          

To reflect an amazing 5G video experience, a combination of real-world measurements of video streams from the 5G network and smartphones is used. These videos are tested in terms of picture quality, loading time, and stall rate, and are streamed directly from the top global video content provider, like YouTube and Akamai. If you want to learn more about how 5G is accelerating things across the globe and the impact on end-user experience, talk to us. We, at Coredge, are a team of experienced as well as young professionals to help you adopt the 5G network and be benefited.      

Stay tuned with us! We’d love to help you!

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