A Cost-effective Platform that Delivers Multi-cloud Infrastructure Management

Achieve automation for distributed Kubernetes clusters, attain better observability and governance, remove complexities, enjoy better security, and cut your infrastructure costs drastically.

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Cluster certification and testing

Certify clusters before rolling out, and prevent security and performance issues.

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Cluster lifecycle management

Roll out upgrades, manage 100s of cluster life cycles, and add or drop nodes.

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Disaster recovery and migration

Enable backups for clusters and ensure easy workload restoration post failures.

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Central policy management and governance

Set up your own governance policies and ensure compliance in Kubernetes clusters.

Intent driven orchestration

Define the desired state before rollout, bring efficiency, and prevent policy overlapping.

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Collect insights and comprehensively track all Kubernetes clusters from a single UI.

Application lifecycle management

Manage requirements, channelise architectures, and schedule deployments for high availability.

Service mesh

Make service-to-service communication simpler by dedicating infrastructure resources.

A robust, cost-effective platform that delivers

Cost-effective orchestration

Intent-based, event-triggered automation

Efficient cloud management portal

Simplified application and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

High performance and easy cloud

Multi-cloud infrastructure management

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Total governance and observability

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