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Why Opting the UXBench for eCommerce Apps Is a Good Decision?

Coredge Marketing

December 02, 2021

Why Opting the UXBench for eCommerce Apps Is a Good Decision?

The eCommerce industry is booming nowadays. At the same time, it is facing challenges in satisfying its customers and generating good revenue. It is true that “customers want the things what they want and when they want”. If the customers like something on your eCommerce store, they want to buy it instantly without any delay. When customers find delayed processing in the product sale, they will look for the ways in the particular application for 20-30 seconds and decide to stay or move ahead with another one offering the same product.   

This means that the time customers face network problems or don’t understand the reason for failing to purchase products, they will not stay long on the app. While using any eCommerce application, giving the best QoE (Quality of Experience) to a user is what every customer strives for! A seamless user experience and transaction without fail will provide a clear picture to customers whether to use the app or uninstall it from the mobile phone. Imagine a scenario, what happens if only 1 or 2 items are remaining and there are many more people to buy the same product. At the same time, the customer is facing network issues and is unable to complete the transaction to buy the thing that he/she wants. In this case, you will not only lose the interest of the customer in your e-commerce store, but also give one of your loyal customers to your competitor, and thus, losing a big revenue to your business. 

When a customer feels that the particular eCommerce mobile app is not working or showing some network issues, then it is quite common that he/she might delete your app from the mobile phone and get the products from other eCommerce sellers.  

Another reason can be the type of mobile device that customers are using to buy products from your online store, where they are located, are they traveling anywhere or just at home and ordering online something. All these parameters affect the quality of the network, due to which network challenges arise and should be solved. 

As per the mobile device or location of the user, the network performance needs to be optimized. Let’s suppose, the user is 400m away from the tower and the signal is offering a speed of 4MBPS. And, the app runs well at 25MBPS speed, here network performance optimization is crucial. 

These are a few reasons why eCommerce businesses should think of using a reliable UX measurement tool to understand user behavior and get support in all aspects of buying/selling products from an eCommerce application.  

UXBench is the best user experience measurement tool that gives customers the best experience while accessing eCommerce applications for buying any product. It helps improve the network performance, transaction without fail, access to services, service integrity, service retention etc. 

Our experts have developed UXBench for the eCommerce sector to help them solve the user problem of completing the transaction. Our UXBench tool is a must-to-integrate tool in the eCommerce sector that can help small and big eCommerce companies to offer a great shopping experience to all customers while using specific eCommerce applications. 

If you want to know more about our product – UXBench, contact us!