Coredge is building a revolutionary Edge Compute Platform to address the Hyperlocal Cloud Infrastructure requirements driven by the new age of low latency applications like OTT, Self driving cars, AR/VR, 4K Streaming, Voice/Video over IP and the fundamental use case for the 5G Edge Cloud.

Founded in October 2020, we have raised early stage SEED capital. Our leaders are experienced in building PaaS and IaaS products at scale for larger customers. Our CloudCompass platform manages the Cloud infrastructure complexity through Automation and Unification of the OSS, Security and Orchestration, provides Data governance and end to end performance monitoring using our Guardian product that is built in the platform.

Guardian addresses three primary use cases: Real time User Experience measurement along with Speech to text and NLP based surveys, user experience measurement on RDK based STB devices.

Coredge is able to completely fulfill the requirements of the new Edge Cloud service providers, Public Cloud providers and Telecom Applications Cloud.

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