is a US-based company located in Silicon Valley having a development center in India. Founded in October 2020, our leaders are experienced in building PaaS and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) products at scale for large telco and enterprise customers. Coredge’s team consists of a mix of experienced and young people with extensive experience in edge computing, telecom application development, and Kubernetes.

Developing a ground-breaking cloud and edge platform to solve the orchestration and management needs of modern applications and use cases that demand low latency and hyper-automated delivery. While migrating to contemporary infrastructure, we assist our customers in resolving complicated orchestration and day 0, day 1, and day 2 management issues. Industrial IoT, wearables, self-driving cars, OTT, AR/VR, 4K Streaming, voice/video over IP, and the core use case for the Edge Cloud are among the technologies for which we are developing solutions.

We assure the customers to completely address the requirements of the new edge cloud service providers, public cloud providers and telecom cloud.


As modern technologies are impacting millions of lives, we believe the digital experience is going to be a key concern for end-users along with several businesses depending on that. We are determined and committed to building the products and solutions that will bring transformation to the existing digital ecosystem (infrastructure and applications), edge and cloud architectures (multi-cloud and hybrid) and accelerate the adoption of new technologies use cases.


In the last decade, the software engineering landscape has been gradually shifted from monolithic core to distributed and microservices-based architecture due to growth in demand for quicker deployment of services. That has triggered the requirement for the distributed cloud environment to be interconnected and spanned across the globe. Such cloud environments are varied in scale, deployed either in virtual machines or containers, having a different orchestration platform like OpenStack or Kubernetes that are deployed on a private or public cloud.

Such a complex and multi-cluster environment requires a robust and multi-dimensional enterprise-grade platform that simplifies orchestration and lifecycle management infrastructure resources along with applications. We at Coredge are building a platform that will support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments of any scale, continuously improving DevOps adoption and requiring components to adhere to security and compliance requirements from different regions.

With modernization in networks and the cloud, the importance of digital user experience has been exponentially increased. The growing number of connected devices pushes for the competitive nature of businesses striving for digital transformation. With our solutions, we are focused on enhancing the user experience of any applications deployed on any hardware devices.

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