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IAM | Coredge Marketing | July 18, 2023

Importance of Central IAM and RBAC

Security must include Identity and Access Management (IAM), which makes sure that only people with permission can access sensitive data


Zero Trust is the Future of Secure Cloud Computing

By Coredge Marketing | Mar 24, 2023

From the widespread use of cloud-based services to the increase in mobile device usage. Adding new cyber threats to


The Next Generation of Cloud Management and Automation

By Coredge Marketing | Mar 21, 2023

The use of conventional IT infrastructures has been gradually replaced by cloud-based technologies over the years. In recent years


Without The Right Technology And Skill Set, Cloud Operations Won’t Be Very Cost Effective

By Coredge Marketing | Mar 01, 2023

The latest TFiR video is published “Without The Right Technology And Skill Set, Cloud Operations Won’t Be Very Cost


Why Are Enterprises Moving On Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Strategies?

By Coredge Marketing | Jan 17, 2023

There has been a lot of discussion about the rising trend of businesses using private, public, and hybrid cloud services


Top 8 Cloud Security Challenges in 2023

By Coredge Marketing | Nov 11, 2022

Cloud security is comprised of a set of policies, controls, processes, and technologies that work together to secure and protect


 5 Public Cloud Challenges Enterprises Face

By Coredge Marketing | Oct 31, 2022

Cloud technology is now widely used by both large and small businesses. According to the latest survey, 69% of enterprises


Different Approaches to Deploying Workloads on Multiple Kubernetes Clusters

By Coredge Marketing | Oct 14, 2022

In Kubernetes, workloads can be segmented in different ways. You can easily do that if you want to run them in different pods or create different namespaces


What is a Sovereign Cloud and What is its Importance?

By Coredge Marketing | Oct 13, 2022

The term “sovereign cloud” describes a cloud architecture to provide security and data access while adhering to local laws and regulations around data privacy and security