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News | Coredge Marketing | November 27, 2023

DFlare Awarded as Digital Transformation Leader of the Year

We are proud to announce that DFlare won the Digital Transformation Leader of the Year at the 12th Digital Transformation


Cloud Strategies and Edge Computing

By Coredge Marketing | Nov 21, 2023

Adopting cloud computing is not always a one-way path as one might think. The cloud does not have all


The Growing Importance Of Multicloud Security

By Coredge Marketing | Feb 15, 2023

It’s a multi-cloud era for growing enterprises, but multi-cloud opportunities can present multi-cloud security challenges and


Top 6 Benefits of a Multi-cloud Strategy

By Coredge Marketing | Jan 20, 2023

Any expert in cloud computing will be aware of how crucial it is to choose the best deployment model for


How to leverage observability for multi-cloud success?

By Coredge Marketing | Nov 30, 2022

There has been considerable evolution in enterprise IT over the past decade. Throughout every aspect of IT, the cloud has


Why Certifying Kubernetes Clusters is Important?

By Coredge Marketing | Nov 02, 2022

Implementing Kubernetes is easy in a single environment where you can perform interoperability and performance test between clusters and applications in case of upgrades


Multi-cloud Orchestration with CloudCompass

By Coredge Marketing | Oct 07, 2022

CloudCompass platform delivers data governance and end-to-end performance monitoring using the Coredge Guardian product, which is integrated into the platform and controls the complexity of the cloud infrastructure

Edge Computing

The Middle East's Cloud Computing Market: The Next Major Tech Market! 

By Coredge Marketing | Sep 29, 2022

The COVID pandemic has increased interest in cloud-based applications and technologies. Hyperscale public cloud services are still expanding, paving the way for rapid adoption of the cloud


Why Telcos are Moving Towards Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Models?

By Coredge Marketing | Dec 15, 2021

Telecom industries are investigating various cloud models and the use of cloud models in telecom applications to provide QoS (Quality


What is Multicloud Orchestration? Why Do We Need It?

By Coredge Marketing | Dec 07, 2021

Today, businesses should adopt multi-cloud strategies to deliver services and maintain user experience, agility, security, confidentiality, and other application


Hybrid Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud: Everything You Need to Know

By Coredge Marketing | Nov 25, 2021

Today, companies are adopting a cloud computing environment to run setups and store data. But, which cloud strategy or cloud