Cloud Orbiter V1.2 Release
Coredge Marketing
Oct 18, 2023

Cloud Orbiter V1.2 release is now available with new features and improvements for managing cloud resources more efficiently.

Here’s a look at the Release Highlights in Cloud Orbiter v1.2

  • Cloud Orbiter now supports end-to-end cluster lifecycle management for
  1. Coredge Kubernetes Platform (CKP)
  2. Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)
  3. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  4. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Furthermore, we’ve introduced support for Object Storage with a focus on S3 endpoints, including AWS S3 and Minio, to empower your hybrid cloud storage needs.

  • Supports the capability of managing Virtual machines to run non containerize applications.

  • Cloud Orbiter offer the convenience of audit and access logs for all actions executed through the Cloud Orbiter Controller/API, enhancing governance and policy management.