The Future of Computing - CEO Arif Khan's Insights on Edge Vs. Cloud Adoption
Coredge Marketing
Oct 30, 2023

We are delighted to share that our CEO, Mr. Arif Khan was interviewed by Express Computers. Express Computers is the India’s most respected IT media brands that cover enterprise technology in all its flavors, including processors, storage, networking, wireless, business applications, cloud computing, analytics, green initiatives.

Arif discussed on:

1-Cloud adoption among the present-day trends across various industries and discussing cost transparency in cloud environment and customer demands that have changed lately.

2- Adoption of cloud computing by SMEs in India: private, hybrid, or multi-cloud. The importance and need for Sovereign cloud to protect the data.

3- As Coredge was established in 2020, the market for cloud solutions was already dominated by giants. They also discussed, what ground-breaking ideas Coredge bring to the table to get an edge over the competition?

4- How Coredge foresee that edge computing is now more important than it has ever been with the introduction of 5G and discussed the evolving trends.

5- Discussed the use case that with edge computing we can reduce latency, enhance performance, improve scalability and real-time analytics.

6- Future plan and strategies


Today’s industries and governments demand a seamless and prompt response from their IoT devices in a world that is changing quickly and is always evolving, this need is crucial, particularly for important fields like remote robotic surgery, driverless cars, Health ID, Education, and Agriculture etc. The answer to this problem appears to lie in edge computing, an emerging technology. Since both the cloud and edge have benefits, they will coexist.

Arif believes that the end user will truly benefit from 5G and sovereign cloud, with real use cases based in India. This will have a significant impact on nation-building.

To know more in detail watch Arif’s interview on “Edge Vs. Cloud Adoption“.