Python Developer

Experience 3+ Years

You need to write scalable Python code for developing and implementing robust applications. You would indulge your dedication and passion to build server-side logic ensuring low-latency and high-end performance.


OKR means Objective and Key Results.
As a Software Engineer at Coredge, you will help develop our next-generation cloud native core solution along with the product and the open-source community to build the vision.

What you will do?

  • System engineering and implementation in Python.
  • Working on performance issues using creative experiments and internally developed product features.
  • Research, propose, and integrate relevant open-source projects based on product objectives.
  • Write organized, efficient, and well documented Python code as an example for junior engineers.
  • Participation in all levels of product definition, design, implementation, testing, and deployment.
  • Must include the ability to discuss abstract system architectures from ideas through implementation and creatively apply domain experience to solve technical challenges.
  • Mentoring software engineers, fostering an environment of trust and accountability.

    What you will need?
    A strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive. As an integral part of the development team, you will need thefollowing skills tosucceed.
    • Strong Python skills to developframework(s).
    • Hands-on to design & develop re-usable frame work components.
    • Hands-On experience on developing framework, designing re-usable frame work components.
    • Experience in engineering practices such as code refactoring, design patterns, design driven development,Continuous Integration, building highly scalable applications, application security and functional programming.

      Additional Skills:
      • Knowledge of Cloud native would be an advantage.
      • Understanding of Kubernetes from Architecture side and also understand the Standard API.
      • Code contributed to CNCF or similar community will be plus.
      • Performance benchmarking of K8’s or any cloud will be added advantage.

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