Software Developer – Golang

What are we looking for:

A deeply skilled Senior Software Engineer to work closely with the product and the open source community to build the vision. You’ll join a highly collaborative team working along with talented engineers focusing to be the best in the Cloud native ecosystem.

Requirements :

  • Work experience between 2 years to 6 years in building large scale high user traffic consumer facing applications.
  • Extremely proficient at writing performant, scalable and production ready code in Golang (comfortable with concepts like lambda, streams, multithreading etc)
  • Should be at ease with writing neat and maintainable code.
  • Experience with NoSQL DBs like MongoDB, Cassandra or Redis is required. Knowledge of graph DBs like Neo4j is preferred.
  • Strong in algorithms, problem solving and data structures.
  • Knowledge of TDD and experience with building applications integrated with CI-CD pipelines (automated build, tests and deployments).
  • Exposure to micro-services with good understanding of logging and monitoring. Inter services communication. Should know how to handle multiple versions of APIs.
  • Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes is desirable.
  • Willing to work in a fast paced Startup.

Our Locations

Head quarter in Noida, India






USA, Silicon Valley




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