Coredge is committed to Open Source

As a leading IT company based in Silicon Valley, USA, we are very much aware of how important innovation is. And we also know that when more people are involved, we can see better results. And because open source provides an instant opportunity for getting a much bigger number of people involved, we’re reaffirming our commitment to open source.

Our core products and services are centered around Kubernetes and OpenStack, which makes this commitment even more significant. Even as we build customized solutions for our client organizations, we’ll always favor engagement from the larger community in general. Because we’re convinced that great ideas that can change how people live, work, and grow can appear when everyone is welcomed and involved. Our teams also actively contribute on various forums as well as open-source projects.

Coredge is a Silver Member of the CNCF-Linux Foundation. Elsewhere, Coredge partnered with Nephio, an open-source project for innovation in cloud-native automation. In recognition to Coredge’s commitment to open source, our CEO Mr Arif Khan has been appointed as the ambassador of the Anuket project of the Linux foundation. In November 2021, we joined as members of the NextArch Foundation that aims to develop a next-generation microservice architecture for heterogeneous infrastructure design.