Highly flexible and scalable with improved security, end-to-end cloud infrastructure solution based on OpenStack and Kubernetes, and easily managed with a single pane of glass.

Unified cloud console

Unified cloud

Get a single dashboard with unified console management for all your workloads across central, regional, and edge cloud.

Inbuilt invoicing

Inbuilt invoicing

Keep track of how your resources are used within departments or even by your clients and stay in control.

multi-factor authentication

Identity management

Manage identify and access rights securely, with SSO and multi-tenancy. Stay protected with multi-factor authentication.

multi-cloud orchestration

Multi-cloud orchestration

Orchestrate effortlessly to deploy resources. Raise the bar in everything from operations and scheduling to patching and monitoring.

high functional-level integrations with CCP

Device integration

Enjoy high functional-level integrations, ensure optimum load balancing, and benefit from high performance computing resources.

CCP offers Strong firewall

Strong firewall

Achieve peace of mind with archival storage and our unique firewall as a service. Combine high efficiency with high data security.

on-demand infrastructure with Cirrus Cloud Platform

Easily scalable

Enjoy really on-demand infrastructure with Cirrus Cloud Platform (CCP) – add, manage, and scale at will.

In-built monitoring feature by CCP

In-built monitoring

Closely monitor the health of all services, modules, and resources with our internal telemetry monitors.

Full compliance with cirrus cloud platform

Full compliance

Effortlessly meet even strict, demanding compliance requirements like the GDPR, CISA and more.

CCP offers complete Data security

Data security

Achieve peace of mind with complete backup, secured storage, and full recovery for file-level data.

A robust, cost-effective platform that delivers

Cost-effective orchestration

Cost-effective orchestration of multiple OpenStack platforms

Efficient cloud management portal

Efficient cloud management portal with better controls

High performance and easy cloud

Easy, high performance scaling without vendor lock-in

Data security icon image

Complete data security while managing multiple data centers

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